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Professional Motorcycle Training

Professional Motorcycle Training in Poole, Bournemouth & Dorset.

Welcome to My Motorcycle Training with Honda of Bournemouth, your premier destination for motorcycle training near you. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced rider looking to refine your skills, our expert instructors provide comprehensive motorcycle training programs tailored to suit all levels. Located conveniently in [Your City/Area], we are dedicated to ensuring you gain the confidence and skills needed to ride safely and enjoyably.

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Why Choose My Motorcycle Training for Motorcycle Training?

Expert Instructors: Our team of experienced instructors are certified and passionate about riding. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to every lesson, ensuring you receive the highest quality training.

Comprehensive Courses: We offer a range of courses to meet your needs, from beginner to advanced levels. Our programs include the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), Direct Access Scheme (DAS), and advanced riding techniques.

Modern Facilities: Our training facility is equipped with the latest motorcycles and safety gear, providing a safe and controlled environment for your training.

Personalized Training Plans: We understand that every rider is unique. Our instructors tailor the training sessions to your individual learning pace and skill level, ensuring you get the most out of every lesson.

Flexible Scheduling: We offer flexible training schedules, including weekends and evenings, to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Motorcycle Training Poole

Conveniently Located Motorcycle Training Near You

Our training facility is located in Poole, making it easy for riders from Poole, Bournemouth, Wimborne and Dorset to access our services. We offer ample parking and easy access to public transportation.

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Motorcycle Training Poole

What Our Students Say

"Brilliant training, went from having never ridden a geared bike to passing full A licence. Highly recommend the trainers and the bikes - which are new and extremely well maintained"

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Our Motorcycle Training Programs


Take your CBT Test in Poole, Dorset – Compulsory Basic Training is an introduction to motorcycling.

A one day course split into five parts.

It is designed to provide you with the riding skills that you will need. Successfully complete your CBT and you are legal (legally entitled) to ride on the road.

CBT Bike Test Bournemouth | Motorcycle Training Bournemouth | Motorcycle Training Poole | Motorcycle Training Dorset

Motorcycle Training Poole

Full License Motorbike Course

Our full license motorbike license is a 5 day course.

Once you have your CBT, you need to pass a motorcycle theory test and practical test within 2 years, or your CBT will expire. There are different categories of licence available and you will take the same test for each, but on a different size of motorcycle. And the higher the level of licence category, (the wider the choice of motorcycles you will have and) the older that you need to be.

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Motorcycle Training Poole

Stepping Up Course

If you already possess a valid CBT certificate and have been riding regularly for approximately three months, then the Honda Stepping Up course is the perfect fit for you. The course provides all the necessary training, including your initial Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests. By completing this course, you'll be able to obtain a full licence and unlock a world of possibilities with Honda.

CBT Bike Test Bournemouth | Motorcycle Training Bournemouth | Motorcycle Training Poole

Motorcycle Training Poole

Refresher Course

If you possess a motorcycle licence but haven't ridden in a while, our 'Refresher' course is perfect for you. The course is designed to refresh your skills and technique, and help you regain your confidence on the road. You'll be surprised at how much you remember, and our professional trainers will work with you to identify any strengths and weaknesses, so you can be fully prepared for the road ahead.

Whether you're eyeing the NC750X, CBR650R, CB500F, or any other motorcycle or scooter from our great range, the 'Refresher' course will prepare you for the ride of your dreams.

CBT Bike Test Bournemouth | Motorcycle Training Bournemouth | Honda Discounts | Motorcycle Training Poole and Dorset

Motorcycle Training Poole

Reduced stepping Up Course

This course is similar to a Stepping Up course, but it is specifically designed for riders who have gained a significant amount of experience by riding regularly for at least one year on a 125cc CBT licence. 

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All courses will be run from our two locations: Hamworthy Junior School and Honda of Bournemouth.

Bring your own or money to purchase a sandwich and refreshments

Bring your own kit or request to borrow a jacket, helmet, and gloves. You will not be allowed to participate if you do not have all of these.

We offer a variety of Motorcycle Training Courses in Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions, the team would be more than happy to help.

CBT Test Bournemouth | Motorcycle Training Bournemouth | Honda Discounts | Motorcycle Training Poole

Starter Packs

Gear up

There are two starter packs available at a budget friendly price.
Both packs are modular, allowing you to customize the pack to your requirements.
Once a course is purchased, enjoy a 15% discount on your kit.

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When you finish your CBT Test you will be awarded a certificate of completion (DL196). Check out the Full Licence Course to see what licence type suits you.